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Windows Azure Most Valuable Professional Of The Year 2012

“Congratulations on being awarded MVP Of The Year, based on your extraordinary community contributions in 2012! Thank you for your contributions in the forums, Connect, giving feedback, speaking, and all that you do.”

It is my first year as a Windows Azure MVP and I guess I might have overshoot this thing just a tad? I am honored to be selected for this prestigious award it is a really great confirmation that what I do is appreciated by those I connect with and reach out to.

It is my pleasure to work with excellent people and have lots and lots of great fun doing so! I want to thank all who endorse and support me so that I am enabled to do the good work every day.

It’s going to be tough to raise the bar from this but I guess I don’t need to – I will continue to do my very best and professional effort to be most valuable to everyone I meet.

BIG thanks to the folks who selected me – the Cloud is the limit!


Oh – also check out the Windows Azure Community’s latest fun project which will run globally on April 27, 2013: Global Windows Azure Bootcamp Join in and create an event of your own where you live!




Posted by: Magnus Mårtensson
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Martin R-L
Martin R-L
2013-02-05 12:02

Big congrats!

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