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Windows Azure Fast Contest Winner

This time I’m just going to document and be really proud. Microsoft Windows Azure arranged a Windows Azure Fast Contest which will eventually be taken offline. Therefor this post is about keeping this for the future.

The goal of the contest was to record a video about how Windows Azure makes you FAST. I opted to make a short rather humorous video about when my home server crashed and pulled down my wife’s business web site. I immediately moved the site to Windows Azure and got it running there. Uploading the site to the hosting was done in seconds. The only thing that took a few minutes was for the DNS entries to sort themselves out – and that’s got nothing at all to do with Windows Azure rather it’s a feature of the Domain Name System. After that their site ran perfect in Windows Azure Web Sites – crisis averted.

I want to give some thanks at this point. For years I have been training and practicing public speaking and social media branding so this kind of thing, recording a contest video which is supposed to be promotional for a brand, was really fun and not very difficult – to be honest. Reason for my focus on this area and the source of the training is the Microsoft Extended Experts Team (m33t) of which I’ve been a member for years. This is a social network of devoted technical presenters and speaker types where we train and spar in the arts and crafts that make us more professional and solid public speakers. I am very grateful to be part of this great team of enthusiastic technical professionals. Thanks also to Liselotte Isacsson (former Microsoft), Anna Bergermark (owner of M33t at Microsoft) and our organizer Louise Palmstierna ( - for taking such good care of us and kicking our behind when we don’t perform our absolute best).

All in all I had a GREAT Friday yesterday. The contest winner was announced and my blog post on Continuous Delivery to Windows Azure Not Only Microsoft Style with TeamCity got listed as one of the Friday Five blog posts in the Microsoft MVP Award Blog. This got posted on Twitter within three minutes. So… not a bad Friday:

not a bad friday

I’m not going to be very lengthy about this - any more than I already have. What I will do is show you the Winning Video (which I’ve double posted to YouTube), a screen shot from the contest site and at the bottom I will list the prize I won. Again I want to document this and take a moment to feel proud and very happy to have won!

Thank you Microsoft Windows Azure for organizing this!

The Winning Video: Windows Azure ‘Super-Fast’ Web Sites

Screen shot from the campaign site: Meet Windows Azure Fast


And finally – the motivation for winning from the jury and the prize:

Congratulations! You are our #AzureFast Contest winner. Your video definitely proved how you can do important things fast using Windows Azure, and received strong community support.  And of course, we are glad to have helped save your marriage. Ler

Your effort spreading the word on the contest was also much appreciated. Awesome job!!

We are going to fly you and a friend to Las Vegas for 3 days/2 nights. While there, you and your guest will get to drive 14 of the world’s fastest cars at Exotics Racing. That is not all, we will also provide you with a two night stay at a hotel on the Las Vegas strip and $200 per day per diem for food, transportation and fun!

The racing price is for a maximum of 14 cars for 70 laps and the car fleet includes Porsche, McLaren, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Nissan, Audi and Aston Martin.

So that’s it folks – hope you don’t mind reading this fairly boastful blog post? But hey – sometimes life is good and I am the kind of person who likes to share in happiness.

Thanks again for this #awesome contest – LOVED it – and some time early next year (Q1) my wife and I are off to Vegas! (Expect a full report with pictures as I get back!)



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