Wooah - Game ON folks! Don't miss the Microsoft contest to share a story about how Windows Azure makes you FAST!

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Windows Azure FAST contest with Las Vegas 1st Prize

Wooah - Game ON folks! I don’t know that I should be saying this since I’m also competing but what the heck? Can’t live my life worried that competitors will catch up, can I? Best way to make sure you are on top of your game is to make sure to keep the competition close… but not too close!

What am I on about?

Microsoft has launched a campaign site with a video contest where participants are asked to share a story about how Windows Azure makes them FAST!

Meet Windows Azure Fast


My entry in the contest is Windows Azure Super Fast Web Sites a story about how “Windows Azure Web Sites saved my marriage”! Skrattar Please go cast a vote for it!

The contest grand prize is a trip for two to Las Vegas with an “ultimate racing” experience! #awesome – I would LOVE to cruize an Aston Martin.

And you should go and tweet about this using the #AzureFast tag!

Cool rap video about Windows Azure

The site has a really cool rap video, with Guinness Book of World Records’ holder for fastest rapper clocking 723 syllables, NoClue:

Here is the direct link to the NoClue Windows Azure rap. And here is the You Tube version:

Still reading? Why don’t you go and enter the contest your self so I can beat you to Vegas too! Blinkar



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2012-10-12 04:37

Add to that the toughest competition you can have: beer! (could use some votes there)

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