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May 8 2014
Aug 16 2013

Announcing CloudBurst 2013 live and online Windows Azure conference September 19-20 2013

After months of planning today is the day we go public with CloudBurst 2013 our Windows Azure conference streamed online from Stockholm Sweden on September 19-20 2013.

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Jul 8 2013

What your CEO needs to know about Cloud Sales Compensation

How will the Cloud transform your business? Many ISV’s making this transition to cloud have asked for guidance on cloud sales compensation. Landing on a compensation structure that aligns to corporate strategy, drives intended behavior, and is motivating to sellers is essential to financial success.

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Feb 19 2013

GlobalWindowsAzure a truly global Windows Azure community event

The Global Windows Azure Bootcamps is a set of locations globally where a bunch of community involved experts will give a full day of Windows Azure training for free. The date is April 27, 2013.

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Oct 31 2012

Windows Phone 8 – watch out iPhone and Android… Yes seriously!

The launch of Windows Phone 8 was the most well directed, feature stuffed and well played launch event from Microsoft to date. Also stabs at the competition were open, pointy and directed at the heart mainly of Apple’s iPhone but also indirectly towards the Android camp.

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Oct 31 2012

Windows Azure Conf 2012 – I’m a speaker!

There is a very cool conference a’brewin’: Windows Azure Conf which will be on Channel 9 and streamed live later this month. Sign up at the web site and be there to learn some of the hottest new cool stuff on the Microsoft Windows Azure Platform.

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