the amazing is back in it's 2014 incarnation! Live online fantastic talks about Microsfot Azure on September 25th.

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AzureConf 2014 with my session Microsoft Azure Web Jobs - the new way to run your workloads in the Cloud

I am proud and honored to be one of the speakers at Microsoft AzureConf a really awesome conference streamed live on Channel 9 from Redmond on October 21st, 2014. Not only does our demi-God Scott Gutherie key note the event. The rest of the line up is truly a very impressive affair with tons of the heaviest hitters in Azure where it comes to both experience and speaker skills.

Don’t miss the awesome event but rather register today!

While you’re at it also check out this upcoming similar community event organized by the Sweden Azure Group (SWAG): CloudBurst 2014 also online but on September 18-19.

Here is the speaker line up:

Scott Guthrie Key note
Chris Auld Microsoft Azure Document Database Deep Dive
Maarten Balliauw The Azure CDN
Eric Boyd Performance Tuning Microsoft Azure SQL Database
Michael Collier Inside the Azure Resource Manager
Andy Cross Azure Services for Big Data
Sandrino Di Mattia Meet Azure Files, your new Swiss Army Knife
Ido Flatow Caching in Azure, there’s more to that than Azure Caching Services
Rick G. Garibay Service Assisted Device Communications on Microsoft Azure
Seth Juarez Machine Learning on Azure
Lasse Knudsen Migrate SQL Federation to the new Data Elasticity framework
Javier Lozano Build Your Virtual Conference with Windows Azure
Magnus Martensson Microsoft Azure Web Jobs - the new way to run your workloads in the Cloud
Mike Martin Protecting your online and on premises assets “Cloud Style”:
OOTB and practices for backup management and strategy with Microsoft Azure
Tugberk Ugurlu Search Like a Pro with Azure Search
Sam Vanhoutte Microsoft Azure Hybrid Connections, an introduction
Mike Wood Being Efficient with Azure Automation
Alan Smith Game Services and Telemetry Processing in Microsoft Azure



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