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Feb 7 2013

HowTo wait in a WorkerRole using Timer and EventWaitHandle over Thread.Sleep

This post shows a simple and a more advanced way to wait for a specific time when executing code. The main purpose of this post is to use the functionality in a Windows Azure WorkerRole which is a class in a Windows Azure deployment that inherits RoleEntryPoint. The approach is to use System.Timers.Timer in conjunction with System.Threading.EventWaitHandle rather than the default template code that uses System.Threading.Thread.Sleep.

Windows Azure
Jan 30 2013
Dec 8 2012
Nov 30 2012

Continuous Delivery to Windows Azure Not Only Microsoft Style with TeamCity

Here is the write up on how to Use Git, GitHub and TeamCity to push-build-test your Windows Azure Web Sites (WAWS) and by means of Continuous Delivery (CD) to Windows Azure. We are also going to run TeamCity on a Windows Azure Virtual Machine (VM or WAVM).

Windows AzureContinuous Delivery
Oct 31 2012

Windows Phone 8 – watch out iPhone and Android… Yes seriously!

The launch of Windows Phone 8 was the most well directed, feature stuffed and well played launch event from Microsoft to date. Also stabs at the competition were open, pointy and directed at the heart mainly of Apple’s iPhone but also indirectly towards the Android camp.

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Oct 31 2012

Windows Azure Conf 2012 – I’m a speaker!

There is a very cool conference a’brewin’: Windows Azure Conf which will be on Channel 9 and streamed live later this month. Sign up at the web site and be there to learn some of the hottest new cool stuff on the Microsoft Windows Azure Platform.

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Oct 12 2012

Windows Azure FAST contest with Las Vegas 1st Prize

Wooah - Game ON folks! Don't miss the Microsoft contest to share a story about how Windows Azure makes you FAST!

Oct 10 2012

It’s alive! My site is Baack!

My home server BLEW UP and I have been down for a week. I did not want to loose my head along with my server so I took my sweet time to relaunch in style. I'm baaack. So much better site. There are a few more things to fix before done. So far so good. Take a look:

Sep 29 2012
Sep 29 2012
Jun 7 2012
Apr 2 2012

Howto put .Net Framework 4.5 Beta & ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta on Windows Azure

Here are the steps you need to take in order to put .NET Framework 4.5 Beta and ASP.NET MVC 4 on Windows Azure and run it in a Web Role.

Windows Azure
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